Concert by Helene Bøksle

01. Jul 2022 KL. 18:00 - 19:15

On Friday 1 July, Helene Bøksle will return to Utstein Monastery. She is known for her enchanting and completely unique voice - and her music is inspired by the sea and the Nordic landscape. For the occasion, Helene has put together a new concert consisting of material from her latest album "Vegvisir", which will be released on May 27. This consists of a total of five new songs; "Vega", "Vegvisir", "I sing", "Prayer of Saint Francis (Prayer of Saint Francis)", and "All the Light".

These songs are part of a project that Helene Bøksle has called "Vegvisir". It is originally an old and enigmatic Norse symbol, which was used to navigate and find the course through storms and bad weather. Helene Bøksle's ambition has been to write music that embraces the times we live in, and which at the same time invites hope, strength and light. She has written the new songs in close collaboration with composer Sindre Hotvedt, who joins the concert.

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