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Beautiful terrain for walking near the monastery

The perfect hike on a Sunday

The pasture around Utstein Monastery is private property (no trespassing). If you park at Utstein Kloster Hotell, it’s a lovely walk (ca. 1,5 km) to the monastery wharf area.

If you’d like to combine your museum visit with a beautiful walk, we recommend Fjøløy fyr and Fjøløy fort. These destinations are about 2,7 km from Utstein Monastery. Your walk can either begin from the monastery’s parking area, or you can drive to a parking area at Fjøløy, about 5 minutes’ walk from the lighthouse and historic military installation. This walk is well suited for families with small children.

If your interested in a fantastic view, you can walk to Mastravarden. It takes about 30 minutes to walk to Mastravarden from the parkinglot on Mosterøyveien. The tractor road extends almost to the top. Suited to families with children. You can also walk there from Utstein Kloster Hotell (by the old shop). Read more about Mastravarden by clicking on the link in the left margin.

If you’re interested in dinner, we recommend Utstein Kloster Hotell about 1,5 km from Utstein Monastery.